Enterprise BI Portal Features

Make better decisions faster with the Enterprise BI Portal, which presents role-specific reports in a single hub.
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Power BI, Excel, Datazen and Reporting Services in the one portal

A unique Central Catalogue allows you to publish reports from multiple platforms into a central web-based hub. Any web-based report, including reports from from Tableau, SAP Business Objects, Cognos and more, can be published to the BI Portal, ensuring all your BI reports are discoverable from a single location.

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Organise content by your business structure and terminology

Organising your taxonomy is fundemental to supporting ease of discoverability in the BI Portal. The Portal allows you to create hierarchial business term lists available to tag against your reports. You can also configure whether terms are used for refining search results. Set the most relevant refiners for your business with a click, including managing who sees which report based on the terms tagged against it.

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Reduce clutter with reports targeted to specific roles

The Enterprise BI Portal allows you to quickly and easily target audience relevant content, making sure that the right reports are available to the right people every time. Multi-faceted audience targetting settings allows you to orchestrate menu options, tiles, individual reports and even commentary on reports to specific individuals or groups configured in your Active Directory.

Download the Fact Sheet for more information