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Introducing Ezra

A Chat Bot. Also a Cat.

They made a video. About me.


Introducing Ezra

Ezra is a digital assistant that navigates your information universe so that customers and internal staff can easily have their questions answered irrespective of which system the information is stored in.

Ezra is also a cat. Really.

Enable faster referrals and clearer call-to-action

Ezra facilitates a natural language conversation from the moment your customers or staff engage across common touchpoints such as Email, Skype, Facebook Messenger and your Website or Intranet. A guided interaction process allows customers to quickly get answers and recommendations without spending time navigating through the website, or sitting on hold. By automating common customer services processes, Ezra can generate leads, and present clear calls-to-action. Ezra's ability to connect to multiple systems, including internal applications, allows staff to quickly find corporate information they are after, simply by asking Ezra a question.

Build a Bot with no Code

A web interface allows you to easily link to new systems and refine the answers that Ezra can derive from your corporate knowledge base. Once Ezra connects to the systems you choose, it automatically consolidates the information and can respond to questions in a conversational manner, without needing a single line of code to install or configure.

Enable business people to refine and manage the knowledge base

Ezra can be managed and trained by business people, without requiring specialist technical skills. As information from linked systems is consolidated then queried, Ezra continuously logs the questions and answers are given, and learns based on feedback it prompts in each conversation. Staff then have the means to analyse how well questions have been answered. A simple tagging function allows staff to quickly tag relevant content, which in turn further refines the way Ezra uses the knowledge base to provide answers.

Provide insight into commonly asked questions

An integrated Power BI model provides immediate insight to commonly asked questions, measuring the success rate of correct responses provided by Ezra. Staff can very quickly determine how and why customers and / or internal staff are interacting with Ezra, insight which then allows the flexibility of tailoring more meaningful content, and tagging existing content in the knowledge base more effectively.