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Data Governor Now Supports Snowflake

Data Governor Now Supports Snowflake

This post was initially published on the BizData blog.   A Snowflake Data Warehouse is a powerful and flexible web-based platform for handling your enterprise data. It offers a number of distinct advantages aimed at simplifying your bus more »

Perspective ILM announces the release of Data Governor Online.

Processing your Big Data workflows just got a whole lot simpler with the introduction of Data Governor (DG) Online. The first Software as a Service (SaaS) product offering from Perspective ILM, DG Online has revolutionised traditional Data Management more »

Enterprise BI Portal v 4.5 Release

Enterprise BI Portal introduces inspiring new functionality in the latest 4.5 update.  Dashboards and tiles have never been as vivid, responsive and useful with the rolling out of a selection of new visualisation options, user controls, input t more »

Metadata Madness.  The truth behind Metadata in the Portal and why it matters.

What is Metadata? Put simply, metadata is data about data.  The more information you can create and store describing a piece of information, whether it be a book, a web page or a digital asset provides humans and computers alike to identify, un more »

Import data from SQL Server with DG v6

Import data from SQL Server with DG v6

Data Governor has the ability to replace the traditionally arduous task of staging raw data from the operational system with a quick, code-free process requiring minimal technical expertise.  We call it a Data Migration Task. Version 6 continue more »

Importing data from the Cloud

Importing data from the Cloud

Traditional methods of importing data from cloud applications require connection to application APIs and specific code/scripts.  Data Governor v6 introduces over 80 data source connectors, and lets you import cloud sourced data, without wri more »

Registering and Publishing Assets in the BI Portal

The Enterprise BI Portal’s biggest strength is how it easily brings together reports, dashboards, desktops and more, from both on-premises and in the cloud. Bringing your analytics assets into the Portal only requires a source URL and more »

Data Governor v6 SaaS

Data Governor v6 will be launched as Perspective's first Software as a Service (SaaS) product. Thanks to the creation of the Data Governor Agent, v6 can run as a cloud-based SaaS whilst still able to access data sources that are stored on- more »

Discovering Assets with the Enterprise BI Portal

Faced with a multitude of reporting tools, a high volume of reports, and an escalating list of sources and locations, it can be very difficult to not only find what you are looking for, but also ensure the right information is available to the right more »

Ezra Chatbot Accelerator Version 1.5 is here

Ezra Chatbot Accelerator Version 1.5 is here

Virtual assistants are gathering attention in the business world, and it’s easy to see why. They can answer FAQs and speed up customer processes, they have immense value in gathering marketing leads, they’re cost effective, and - among ma more »