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Data Governor Introduces SSIS Integration

Data Governor Introduces SSIS Integration

Data Governor Online leverages your existing integration workloads to make the move to the cloud a lot easier.



The latest release of Data Governor Online introduces SSIS integration, and now allows you to execute your existing SSIS packages without having to change a line of code. You can very quickly and easily set input parameters, execute tasks, and view logs all through a single web console.

Easily Move Existing Workloads

DG Online is a Software as a Service (SaaS) data migration tool and is a nexus for a massive array of data sources, providing over 80 native connection types, and allowing you migrate enterprise data to cloud as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. In this blog we will take you through, step by step, the process of setting up a new SSIS task, executing the workload, and viewing the logs upon completion.

Connecting to SSIS

Creating the connection

For your connection type, SSIS task types use a standard SQL Server Connection that must point at the SSISDB. Data Governor Online only supports the Project Deployment model for SSIS packages.

Creating an SSIS Task

To execute an SSIS package, in an existing or newly created Job, you will add it as a new task. In the first window you can name your task, select the Agent you would like it to run on and then select SSIS Package as your Task Type.

Executing an SSIS Package

Running the job

You then need to select an SSIS package from the drop-down package selector to easily find available packages to run. This selection will provide a package path that will automatically populate the field below. We have streamlined this process to allow you to simply select your chosen Package from the drop-down menu.

You can then add any parameters to this SSIS Package, as Data Governor online supports all SSIS parameter types.

Viewing the logs

Once submitted, you can run this Job and view its execution logs.

SSIS logs are easy to identify, as all SSIS logs will be prefixed with [SSIS] as shown below. If an error occurs in SSIS, it will also result in an error in Data Governor Online and show in the execution log for the Job that your SSIS task is located.

Data Governor Online provides a method to execute SSIS Packages through an easy to use web interface. If you want to become more acquainted with these recent updates, you can find our step by step guide for SSIS here (or read more about our release notes here.

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