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Enterprise BI Portal v 4.5 Release

Enterprise BI Portal v 4.5 Release

Enterprise BI Portal introduces inspiring new functionality in the latest 4.5 update. 

Dashboards and tiles have never been as vivid, responsive and useful with the rolling out of a selection of new visualisation options, user controls, input tools and overall quality-of-life improvements. New features include:

  1. Support for Power BI Q&A
  2. Row Level Security for App Owns Data Users
  3. Support for multiple Power BI Tenancies
  4. New Asset Groupings and Favourites
  5. Two new data integrations
  6. Asset Usage information
  7. In App feedback reporting

Let's have a look at each of these in more detail below.

Support for Power BI Q&A

Natural language input is a straightforward, accessible way to garner insights from your data. With Enterprise BI Portal v4.5, there is now an option to take advantage of native integration with Power BI Q&A for any of your datasets. 

You can now register a Power BI Q&A asset type in the BI Portal. This allows the associated dataset to be easily interrogated with clear and simple natural language commands.  

In the same query you can specify data filtering and segmentation in order to get the more specific results, with contextual suggestion popups to guide you along. An example query could be “what is the total marketing spend for November?” which would save you the trouble of clicking around in the dashboards and setting up data filters. 

Row Level Security for App Owns Data users

For users who are using an App Owns Data model, version 4.5 of BI Portal now supports row level security for Power BI Dashboards and Tiles as well as the existing row level security available in Power BI Reports seen in previous versions. This will allow you to make data access more granular without the need to move to a User Owns Data mode.

You can take advantage of this functionality whenever you’re setting up a new Power BI asset. The new granularity allows you to be even more specific with user access and ensure that your data gets to those who need it and secure from those who should not have access.

Support for Multiple Power BI Tenancies

Previously, there was a one-to-one correlation between your Power BI tenancy and your Enterprise BI Portal. As of version 4.5, if you are using an App Owns Data model, you can now use your BI Portal space to consolidate multiple Power BI tenancies. 

Two New Data Integrations

The native integration capability for Enterprise BI Portal has expanded once again with two new external data source connectors now available:

1. Tableau for your Workbooks and Views.  

2. ThoughtSpot for your Pinboards and Visualisations.

You can set up a Tableau Server Site from the Source Systems admin page which will enable syncing of your data. 
In order to use ThoughtSpot assets you will have to use the Asset Embed Wizard in the Asset Types section of the admin menu.

New Asset Groupings and Favourites

All of your most common and recently used dynamic views can now be found grouped on their own pages for easy accessibility. 
Additionally, you can now designate specific assets as Favourites, which will all be shown together on the Favourites page. 



All your asset pages can now also be sorted alphabetically, by popularity and by recency. With these new features it is now even easier to locate and access the assets you need.

More Asset Usage Information

The history of asset use across your BI Portal environment has been opened up to you in version 4.5. All interactions with the asset are now captured, including when they are opened or edited as well as the history of discussions.

For Administrator accounts, each asset now has a Usage button which brings up a log detailing every time the asset was viewed or edited in any way.

You can dig deeper into usage data to get a clearer picture of what is being interacted with and by whom. You can find this in the Usage Details section accessible from the admin menu. 

Here you can find a Usage Summary graph for up to the last 24 months. By using the options displayed on the right of the page you can filter the graph and refine the visualisation to your liking. 

There are two more sections titled Usage Detail and User Audit which allow you to explore the usage data filtered by asset category and specific user account.

Another neat way to engage with the usage data is through the new sparkline graphs which can be found overlaying the asset card. They provide a quick overview of usage trends for the particular asset at a glance.

In-app Feedback Reporting

If you happen to run into any issues, or simply want to share an opinion about a certain feature, you can now do so directly within the Enterprise BI Portal interface if you have administrator privileges. 

The “Feedback” option in the settings menu will bring up a form through which you can describe the issue you are experiencing. 

This new process allows you to easily report any difficulties without leaving the BI Portal environment. 

Customisable Brand Visuals

You can now add another custom touch to Enterprise BI Portal in order to make it feel like your very own by setting a custom browser title and icon. By selecting Branding from the admin menu, you will find the options to upload custom graphics and consolidate your workspace with your company theme.

To further enhance the immersion, a full screen mode is now toggleable from within any embedded asset. 

This list of features and functionality has been included based on feedback and requests from users. In order to continue building a product which is responsive and easy to use, version 4.5 of BI Portal also includes further improvements to performance and an enhancement of the overall user experience. Navigation through dashboards and interaction with tiles should be smoother and easier than ever, with enhancements across the entire product. Give it a try and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

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