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Import data from SQL Server with DG v6

Import data from SQL Server with DG v6

Data Governor has the ability to replace the traditionally arduous task of staging raw data from the operational system with a quick, code-free process requiring minimal technical expertise.  We call it a Data Migration Task.

Version 6 continues to minimise the amount of work required to consolidate data from multiple operational or source systems (we call them Connectors) into one central place for querying and reporting.

In this blog, we will show you how the import of data from a SQL Server operational system is just a few clicks away, thanks to DG’s user-friendly interface. Data Governor also gives user’s the flexibility to "pick and choose" the tables they want from the source database.

Let’s say you have customer data in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that uses SQL Server as its database. You can use Data Governor to quickly import and stage the data for use in a Data Warehouse.

Here’s a walk through on how to create a Data Migration task that will import data from a SQL Server Connector in our latest version of Data Governor.  

Creating a Task

1. First we need to create a new Task.  To do this click ‘Add Task’ from within your selected Job.


2. A screen will appear that will ask you to fill in your Task Name, select an Agent and choose your Task Type – in this case, Data Migration.

*Tip : Having a ‘healthy’ agent means that Data Governor is ready to run tasks without any start up issues. To check an agent’s health at any time, use the Agent Status bar at the bottom of your screen.

Selecting Tables to copy

3. Next we need to choose where the source data will be imported from and the target location we will copy into. To do this, select your Source and Output connections, and your Source and Output schemas.  Choosing your Source Connection and Schema will define which tables you are able to select for migration in the next step.


4. This next step makes the tables within the schema that you chose on the last screen visible. Use the plus button on the right of the screen to select the tables you wish to migrate from the Source Connection.

**Tip: If you change your mind, removing a table is as easy as clicking the minus button on the right side of the ‘Target’ section. Once you are happy with the tables you’ve selected, click ‘Submit’ to save the task. You can edit this saved task at any time using the edit button on the Job screen.

Importing the Data

5. Your task is now created and the next step is to execute. Your Data Migration task will now appear in your ‘Sequenced Tasks’ list, and you will be able to run the task as part of the Job at anytime with the ‘Run Now’ button - located in the top right. Be aware that this will run all Sequenced Tasks as part of the job. Checking the ‘Show Logs after Execution’ box will take you to a live job execution page.

6. Data Governor will show the logs and status of your job in real time - updating the status icon to a green tick on completion, or a red flame on failure.

So, in a few simple clicks we’ve added a new Data Migration Task in Data Governor Version 6, providing a simple, code-free and reusable way of staging raw data from an operational system for use in a Data Warehouse. 

Want to try it out for yourself? Follow the links below.

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