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Importing data from the Cloud

Importing data from the Cloud

Traditional methods of importing data from cloud applications require connection to application APIs and specific code/scripts.  Data Governor v6 introduces over 80 data source connectors, and lets you import cloud sourced data, without writing a line of code. 

In the previous blog we showed you how to create a Data Migration Task - we imported data from SQL server into the Data Warehouse. In this example scenario we will be importing data from Dynamics 365 CRM.

  1. Click on “Connections” from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner to create a new cloud source connection.

2. Once on the Connections page, click “Add Connection”.

3. Data Governor’s available connectors are listed here. You can also filter for the connector you’re looking for.

4. Data Governor requires a connection string to know which cloud source to connect to. Strings can vary depending on connection type, but all share a similar structure. Data Governor V6 has connection templates automatically generated for your source type. You will need to update the template with your Dynamics 365 URL, as shown below.

5. The new connection needs to be validated with your access details to the source. Enter your username and password, and hit ‘Submit’.

6. You can now run a Data Migration task, this time selecting Dynamics 365 CRM as your Source Connection and reusing the Data Warehouse Source Connection we utilised in the previous blog. Choosing your new Connector in the Data Migration Task will look something like this:

Congratulations! you now have the ability to migrate data from your chosen cloud-based application.

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