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Registering and Publishing Assets in the BI Portal

Registering and Publishing Assets in the BI Portal

The Enterprise BI Portal’s biggest strength is how it easily brings together reports, dashboards, desktops and more, from both on-premises and in the cloud. Bringing your analytics assets into the Portal only requires a source URL and a few simple clicks.

Here we will show you how to register an asset, and then publish it to your users. The simple wizard driven interface allows you to tag experts, the business area, and create tags in situ. These then become slicers in the navigation menu on the left-hand side - making finding the report you are looking for super simple.

To begin, navigate to the Register page from the cog found on the top right hand corner. Insert a name and an optional description.

In this case we will be registering a dashboard. The wizard will take you through detailing the type of asset, the sub-type and URL. This is also where you can begin to tag the asset by subject matter and experts.

 Once the asset is created, it is automatically saved to Drafts.  Administrators and Publishers can view registered draft assets here, collaborate and approve where required, before the asset is published and available to be consumed publicly.  Assets can only be published once all of the required metadata has been assigned.  This is to ensure that assets are governed by the native BI Portal framework, and can seen by the right audience.

You can now hit Published and send your asset out to be viewed by the your target audience. You can use the navigation menu to find your asset in its assigned Business Area.

Registering and Publishing assets in the BI Portal as simple as that. Want to know how to take the next step and Embed your content? Stay tuned.


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