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Data Governor

Low Friction Data Warehousing


Onboard Data in a matter of minutes

Data Governor makes onboarding new data easy, with the ability to select multiple tables at once using a wizard interface. Load instructions, a staging environment and table structures are all generated automatically, supporting multiple sources, without having to write a single line of code.

Minimise the time windows to process your data

Data Governor makes it simple to define dependencies between jobs and tasks across different types of processing (SSIS, Stored Procedures, Command Line and Power Shell). Detailed logging provides transparency on typical failures and long running processes to help focus on where to improve.

Create resilience with automated reconciliation

Data Governor provides functionality to quickly create and automate execution of reconciliation rules between source and target. Comparisons between source and target with varying levels of granularity can be defined, including matching by one or more columns, row counts, and isolating orphaned records.