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Perspective ILM

Gain insight to how Perspective ILM products work to enable you to connect, integrate and orchestrate your analytics solutions across the entire enterprise.

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Introducing Ezra

Introducing Ezra. A Chatbot that navigates your information universe so that customers and internal staff can easily have their questions answered irrespective of which system the information is stored in.

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Publish your reports to lots of users with Enterprise BI Portal

Businesses today recognize the importance of using data analytics to drive efficiency and competitive advantage. Access to analytics is no longer seen as the privilege of a few staff, with businesses seeking to deliver better decision tools to every Executive, Manager, Analyst and Operational Staff member. However, as the number of reports and people grows it can be difficult for staff to locate the right report quickly. With too many reports to browse, stored in too many folders or workspaces, locating a report becomes a daunting task for employees. Introducing Perspective – BI Portal for Power BI. A central hub for business staff to find and collaborate on all of the scorecards, dashboards and reports within the enterprise.

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Automate your Data Warehouse

To effectively monitor the performance of your business you know you need to have a consistent source of data for analytics. Faced with constantly growing data sources, the challenge of rapidly creating and enhancing a data warehouse can be overwhelming, and integrating data requires a different approach to match the modern demand of business analytics needs. Introducing Perspective Data Governor - a workbench to expedite your analytics initiatives, and deliver a tangible outcome in days, rather than months.

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A central hub for all of your enterprise analytics

A central report catalogue which enables unmatched ease of discovery for business users. Faced with a myriad of reporting tools, high volume of reports, and an escalating list of sources and locations, it can be very difficult to not only find what you are looking for, but also ensure the right information is available to the right audience. Use Perspective Enterprise BI Portal to bring together all of your dashboards, scorecards and reports within your enterprise, in a single location.

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